Can AirPods make you deaf?

are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that were designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. It is one of the most hot-cake accessories of Apple Inc, in recent times. It is portable and convenient.

Circumstances where people’s phones can be snatched while making calls are a thing of the past with the advent of the AirPods. Currently, there are three generations of the AirPods since its inception in September 2016.

When Apple Inc, released the 7, it came with something unique which is the AirPod. That was the first generation of the AirPod. The second generation of the AirPod was released by Apple in March 2019 and the third and current generation was released in October 2021.

The AirPods have similar functionalities with some unique variations in respect to their generations.

Why are people fascinated by the AirPods?

AirPods can be used to make calls while your phone is in your pocket or lies in the proximity of the connection to the AirPods. It has an embedded microphone which filters background noise and also has built-in accelerometers and optical sensors for detecting taps and pinches. These qualities reduce the burden of carrying your phone along all the time.

Can AirPods make you deaf?

The big concern here is if AirPods can make the user deaf. A normal conversation is between 60 to 70 decibels. The maximum noise the ear can withstand is 85 decibels.

Anything beyond 85 decibels, can damage your hearing thus, rendering you unable to hear. Aside from ageing, illness or heredity, constant and prolonged use of the AirPod coupled with loud music can cause damage to your eardrums and make you prone to deaf.

It is advised to lower the volume when listening to music with the AirPod and limit its usage all the time.

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