Can you make recurring tasks in planner?

The number of users of Planner for task management in Office 365 has increased dramatically. Team captains desire increased access to information about allocated duties.

Even individuals enjoy having access to all of their projects through Teams’ Planner app. However, there has been one significant problem that has been brought up repeatedly on the planner comment thread. We haven’t noticed anything on Microsoft’s blog articles that would suggest this may happen soon.

Can you make in planner?

You can add a brand-new item to the primary list from the Recurring Planner Tasks List. It is easiest to edit in Grid View or to copy one. Make the necessary changes after selecting the row, copy it into a new row, and then leave Grid View.

The management of recurring tasks for your team is simple by using Planner. With custom repeat settings, you can quickly set up automatic repeat for daily, weekly, or monthly recurrence, as well as many other interval possibilities.

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