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Can you wireless charge iPhone 13 without MagSafe?


Apple-exclusive MagSafe is a magnetic attachment system. It was first introduced in 2006 in MacBook Pro computers. Because of the MagSafe attachment, if a person tripped over the power cord, the laptop wouldn’t crash to the ground, damaging both the cord and the computer, but instead would safely detach from the computer.

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro were the first smartphones to use MagSafe technology in 2020. The Qi wireless charging technology, which is still the industry standard today, came before MagSafe chargers.

MagSafe phones technically still use Qi-based wireless charging coils, but a ring of specialized magnets around the chargers ensures that the phone attaches firmly for better contact and a faster charge.

Can you wireless charge iPhone 13 without MagSafe?

The non-MagSafe wireless charging accessories will still function with iPhones that have MagSafe capability. They simply won’t charge as quickly. As an alternative, you can use a lighting cable with a USB-C adapter.

In actuality, Apple includes a lighting cable with the 13-inch iPhone Pro. All that is required is the USB-C adapter. It is fast charging, just like the MagSafe charger.