Did Thrustmaster go out of business?

In 1990, was founded in Hillsboro, Oregon, with aid from Norm Winningstad. In computer publications at the start of 1991, the business started to promote the Thrustmaster Weapons Control System.

It focused mostly on creating simulated flying controls for IBM Compatible Computers. The business used the HOTAS system for computer flight simulation and based some controllers on real-world aircraft flight controls.

In the middle of the 1990s, the firm became well-known for producing pricey but top-notch HOTAS controllers. Its sales increased to $15 million by 1995, and to $25 million by 1998.

Did Thrustmaster go out of business?

It appears that Thrustmaster was acquired on Thursday. And the new owner stopped all business activities. include warranty support, help, and driver support. Additionally, I was informed that although you may return your product if it is still within the return period, Thrustmaster will no longer offer support for any future products.

With the acquisition of the Hardware and Accessories businesses of the American Thrustmaster® group, Guillemot Corporation becomes one of the global leaders in racing wheels and joysticks for PC.

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