Do YouTube Shorts disappear after 7 days?

As the popularity of short-form videos on websites like has increased, YouTube created as a reaction. A vertical video with a 9:16 aspect ratio that fills the full mobile screen and has a maximum runtime of one minute is referred to as a YouTube short.

These videos provide a unique watching experience for platform users.

Younger audiences, in particular, are drawn to short-form video because it provides an instant sense of satisfaction to the viewer and allows them to move right on to the next video for an instant sense of satisfaction. It’s somewhat sticky.

Do YouTube Shorts disappear after 7 days?

They have a progression and are shorter videos (up to 15 seconds). They also only last for seven days before disappearing unless you save them.

Shorts are another type of short-form video, however, they don’t evolve in any way and remain on your channel indefinitely (unless you delete them).

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