Does Bandai own Dragon Ball?

PlayStation is one of the major games on the system now. The PlayStation is a very affordable get-and-have but it is not cheap to get. There are many colors in the system. Some of the colors are known as black, brown, white, etc. Many have come to know the Playstation and they are enjoying it because of how it works.

When was the Playstation announced?

The Playstation games are in layers to be known in levels. But people are knowing it to be the brands which are also the same but look different to some. The PlayStation was announced in 2017.

Does Bandai own Dragon Ball?

Yes. is considered one of the largest game companies owning many games as well. The Bandai Namco is also Possessing the Dragon as their own, which means that the Dragon game is owned by the Bandai Namco. The Dragon Ball is one of the first ever games produced and also announced by Bandai Namco when other games also followers. Bandai Namco is also having the license of the game that is Dragon Ball and every other game.

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