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Does Legion 5 get hot?


The Lenovo Legion 5 provides well-balanced and impressive performance, as well as good thermal performance, an impressive keyboard, and a subtle design that’s packed with ports – and it’s frequently less expensive than competitors

. But keep in mind that this machine is heavier and thicker than the competition, and it also has a disappointing display.

The top-tier panel is present in the pre-production unit I tested. The Marksman trailer showed Liam Neeson’s character driving through desert-like terrain, and the yellow-green colors that popped up on the screen appeared to be fairly accurate.

It wasn’t particularly vivid, but it also didn’t appear particularly dull. The matte coating made the panel appear bright enough in most situations, but during a night scene, the panel did battle some glare from my window.

The Legion 5’s keyboard pleasantly surprised me. It had deep travel as well as a punchy typing feel. The keys are also well-organized. It almost has the feel of a ThinkPad keyboard, but it’s not quite there yet.

Does Legion 5 get hot?

Yes, the Legion 5 gets hot, but it’s normal for the Lenovo Legion 5 to get hot while gaming.