Does the RAM affect FPS?

is the main chip or the memory card of the computer. That is also the place in which the information of the computer is been saved. The is more like the stomach of the computer.

There is no way the history of the computer can be said without RAM.

There are many types of parts which are in the computer and putting it together they all perform the major duties which it needs most to perform in any angle of the computer. The computer is of many parts and the is one of them.

The has been in the system as well as the computer. The RAM was announced in 1984.

Does the RAM affect ?

Yes. Every part of the computer or any laptop hash as its functions of which it was performed. The RAM has the main duty also of which it performs. The main duty of it is that of the increments of the speed of which is in the computer generally as well.

The computer is the best of all and therefore needs the speed alone to increase to help it perform the actions which are very important for it to be performed.

The RAM has a limited shortage of storing information for the computer, which is the main reason why the RAM needs the FPS to support it.

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