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How do I ban someone’s IP?


The Internet Protocol IP is a set of rules that govern how data packets are sent across a network. To use network devices, you do not need to understand what IP stands for. Your laptop and phone, for example, use IP addresses, but you don’t have to deal with the technical side to make them work.

IP is a set of specifications that standardizes how things work in internet-connected devices. An internet protocol describes how data packets move through a network when used in a network communication context.

A protocol ensures that all machines on a network (or in the world, in the case of the internet) speak the same language and can integrate into the framework, regardless of their differences.

The IP protocol standardizes the manner in which machines on the internet or any IP network forward or route packets based on their IP addresses.

How do I ban someone’s IP?

  1. Select band IP address in Clarity > Settings > IP banding.
  2. Make your selections and click Add on the Band IP address screen. Name: Enter a descriptive name for the IP address range. Band my current IP address: If you want to exclude your IP address, check the box.