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How do I know if I have a smart TV?

TV is a very kind of one of the better and best ICT tools ever that the world has experienced so far. Maybe it won’t be believed by others but it is the fact.

The TV has many histories that can’t be said but at least almost everyone is aware that before the coloured TV, it was black and white.

TV has been announced officially for many years which is the backbone of the digitalization of today. Many people are not an agreeing with that fact but it is the truth that many people should know of that. Television was announced in 1943

How do I know if I have a smart TV?

Knowing that either your TV is a Smart TV or not is not a big deal. This is because many people were not knowing how to do so it seemed that the burden on the but is not a not and also it should not be that.

The TV can be known whether it is smart or not when the user with the remote goes to the menu if there are apps like Netflix or Amazon prime videos, then the user should also check if there is a place for the internet connection.


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