How do you make a recurring list?

The project can assist you in turning a task into a recurring task if it occurs on a regular frequency (every few days, every month, etc.). This way, you only need to set it up once.

How do you make a ?

  • Click View > Gantt Chart.
  • Select the row below where you want the recurring task to appear.
  • In the Task Name box, type the recurring task’s name.
  • Enter the duration of each task instance in the Duration box.
  • Click Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly in the Recurrence pattern area. In the space to the right of these choices, you can adjust how frequently the task repeats. For instance, you could design a task that runs every Tuesday and Thursday or every three weeks.
  • Add a start date to the Start box before deciding on the repeating task’s end date.
  • If you want the recurring task to have a different calendar from the rest of the project, only then choose an item from the Calendar list. For instance, the project’s recurring task might take place during the night shift while the remaining work is done during the day.
  • If you want Project to schedule the recurring task even if it doesn’t occur when any resources are available to work on it, check Scheduling ignores resource calendars.



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