How much does a p1 McLaren cost?

The GTR will be styled for the track, with a wider stance and tires made for racing. It won't be street-legal, so McLaren can ignore book-loads of regulations that would otherwise hold it back. Naturally, the price is going up. The P1 sells for $1.15 million.Click to see full answer. Also question is, how much is a 2020 McLaren p1?The 2020 McLaren GT has a base price of $210,000 (plus a $3,195 destination fee).One may also ask, is McLaren p1 street legal? A former track-only hybrid beast, this low-mileage hypercar is road legal in the European Union. McLaren made only 375 examples of its P1 flagship model, but the track-only P1 GTR is considerably more exclusive since only approximately 40 cars were ever built. how much does a McLaren p1 cost in Dubai? The first McLaren P1, costing a whopping Dh5. 1 million, will be handed over to its new owner in Dubai this week.Why is McLaren p1 so expensive?In conclusion, the McLaren P1 is worth it because it's fast as hell. It also cost less than its two main competitors in the hypercar-verse. The Mclaren P1 supercar is also rarer than both the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder as it had a more limited production.

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