How old is 3oh 3?

Members: Sean Foreman; Nathaniel Motte Click to see full answer. Regarding this, when did 3oh 3 come out?In 2004, Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte formed their crunk-synthpop project, 3OH! 3. It took them three years to release their self-titled debut studio album, which they followed-up in 2008 with their breakout LP, Want. 30H!Also Know, how old is Nathaniel Motte? 36 years (January 13, 1984) Also, what genre is 3oh 3? Synth-pop Crunkcore Trap music Electronic rock Alternative rock Is 3oh3 still together?Motte and Foreman still perform together, playing at 2018's final-ever Warped, and touring to commemorate the anniversary of their breakthrough album Want.

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