Is a smart TV an IoT device?

Smart TVs can connect to the Internet, but they aren’t commonly regarded as because they can’t run on their own without supervision or human input.

are frequently commonplace items that have been given “intelligence” by being embedded with sensors.

These sensors produce data, which the electronics in the gadget can send to the cloud or to other networked devices that are linked.

A smart thermostat that automatically modifies the temperature to maintain an ideal level is an example of this kind of gadget.

Perhaps your refrigerator is smart enough to know when you are running low on milk and will automatically purchase more.

Smart plugs, Amazon Echos, connected autos, smart wearables, and smart lamps are all examples of IoT devices.

Is a smart an ?

No, Since they lack the ability to function autonomously and collect data via sensors, smart TVs are not IoT devices. IoT devices must not include anything that requires human control or involvement to function.

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