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Is Alexa an example of IoT?


The term “Internet of things” (IoT) refers to physical objects (or groups of such objects) equipped with sensors, computing power, software, and other technologies that communicate with one another and exchange data through the Internet or other communications networks.

The term “internet of things” has been criticized because devices only need to be individually addressable and connected to a network, not the whole internet.

Is Alexa an example of IoT?

Any non-standard computing device that can connect to wifi and broadcast data is considered to be a part of the “Internet of Things.” Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, wearables like the Apple Watch, internet-connected baby monitors, video doorbells, and even toys are well-known examples of IoT gadgets.

Alexa speaker is an IoT. The term “Internet of Things” applies to any nonstandard computing equipment that connects to Wi-Fi and can transmit data.

The Internet of Things is all about attaching physical, real-world objects to the web.

The object must first be given a name or tag. Then, you give it sensors to give it the five senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste so that it can recognize, observe, and record its environment.