Is MagSafe a health risk?

is back and will remain. The Cupertino corporation restored this functionality, which was previously only found on MacBooks, starting with the iPhone 12 in order to ensure charging safety.

Nevertheless, even though 's features seem to have only positive aspects, there are some drawbacks. In this article, we examine the potential health issues that the MagSafe technology in iPhones may bring about.

Is MagSafe a health risk?

The iPhone 12 and 13 models, like other iPhones, can interfere with medical equipment including pacemakers and defibrillators due to MagSafe technology.

Apple advises keeping all MagSafe accessories and iPhone 12 models a safe distance away from surgically implanted medical equipment.

Last but not least, are safer than conventional wireless charging cases. This is due to the magnet's ability to hold the cover to your phone even when it is moved around.

People who need to know their phone will stay charged while they are constantly on the go should use the MagSafe battery pack.

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