Is MagSafe bad for battery iPhone 13?

Apple's is a cutting-edge magnetic technology that is included in the internal architecture of several models. The gadget was first designed as a security feature for MacBook chargers, but it was eventually added to iPhone models to offer a more dependable charging ecosystem.

Faster wireless charging and simple attachment are guaranteed with MagSafe.

There is very little possibility that your will be harmed because MagSafe contains safety mechanisms that guard it against overheating. Additionally, it guarantees effective charging thanks to its fast-charging capability and fusion cable.

Is MagSafe bad for battery ?

No, an iPhone 13 battery can be charged with a MagSafe port just well. A connection can be made with the charger's magnets without putting any strain on the ports or internal wiring of the device.

Since using a MagSafe to charge is not “good” for your phone's battery, the only other alternative is to use a USB cord. A cable is not the ideal choice either because it burns your battery in a similar way to a MagSafe charger. When we must pick between rapid and battery-saving, it is, however, the second-best option.

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