Is Notion going to add recurring tasks?

is a note-taking platform created to assist members of businesses or organizations in managing their information for increased productivity and efficiency.

Notion is a platform for collaboration that merges kanban boards, tasks, wikis, and databases and supports modified Markdown. It serves as a single workspace for taking notes, managing knowledge and data, and managing projects and tasks.

It is a platform for managing files that provides a unified workspace, enabling users to discuss active projects, take part in debates, and get feedback. Most web browsers and cross-platform apps can access it.

Is Notion going to add recurring tasks?

By setting the Due Date property to the date shown in the Next Due property after you finish the work, you can “complete” a recurring task from inside of Notion. Keep in mind that clicking the Done checked property in this situation is not necessary because nothing will happen.

We should expect more from our tools. You can now configure a database template to copy itself repeatedly. Create to manage daily or weekly to-dos as one example of how to use it.

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