Is Sephora a luxury brand?

first opened its doors in the United States in New York City in 1998, in Canada in Toronto in 2004, and in Australia in 2014. With corporate offices in San Francisco and Montréal, it has its North American headquarters in New York City.

Over 430 locations are currently open across North America. In March 2018, FastCompany ranked as the 36th most innovative company in the world out of 50, praising its expanded selection of broadly inclusive and diverse product lines like Fenty Beauty.

Under the name Collection, Sephora sells its own range of cosmetics, skincare, accessories, and tools for the beauty industry. Previously, the company’s elongated flame emblem appeared in conventional black print on packaging for the range.

The redesigned “Sephora Quality, Really Good Price” emblem with the dollar sign appears on the new logo.

Is Sephora a luxury brand?

Since 1997, the luxury group LVMH has owned Sephora. The Brand Finance 2022 Cosmetics 50 rankings. The most valuable cosmetic companies in the world are ranked annually in the Cosmetics 50 by Brand Finance.

The top five brands on the list are L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, Gillette, Nivea, and Guerlain.

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