Is Snapchat safer than Instagram?

The debate between and has always involved users. Both and Instagram rank among the most popular social networking networks in the world. Millions of users use both of these platforms for exchanging photos and videos.

Currently, 500 million people use Instagram every day. Comparatively, Snapchat has about 332 million daily active users. You cannot dispute the large fanbase both of these sites have.

Is Snapchat safer than Instagram?

Most worry about their children's privacy, particularly in light of how quickly teenagers are adopting social networking apps. Therefore, it is crucial to understand which of these social media platforms is more secure.

There are measures on Snapchat specifically made to safeguard user privacy. Images and messages on Snapchat often only remain accessible to their recipients for a brief period before disappearing from view. This is one of the app's key features. It also notifies recipients whenever an image, text, or even a screenshot of the inbox is shared or captured.

Instagram's “Vanish Mode” lets you share photos and videos while maintaining your privacy. When you close the chat in the Vanish Mode, the messages vanish immediately.

Additionally, you can select people to include in your Instagram list of Close Friends so that you can post stories with them alone. Moreover, Instagram gives you the option to exclude certain profiles and users from seeing your stories.

Although both social media platforms appear to be competitive, Snapchat is significantly safer.

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