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Is wireless charging bad for battery iPhone?


Since almost ten years ago, wireless charging has been a common feature of our technology. Wireless charging is still the subject of various myths and misconceptions despite its increasing popularity.

In order to determine whether wireless charging is secure for your devices, MAGFAST, the charging authority, debunks these fallacies.

The most pervasive misconception about wireless charging is maybe that it will harm your battery and cause it to age more quickly than cabled charging.

No matter what kind of charge you use, all lithium-ion batteries, including the one in your smartphone, will begin to deteriorate as soon as they are charged. After 500 charging cycles, the majority of lithium-ion batteries will be able to hold 20% less energy.

Is wireless charging bad for battery iPhone?

The lifespan of the battery can really be increased by using a wireless charger. According to research, maintaining a battery charge above 50% can be less dangerous than allowing it to discharge to below 10% before charging.

You should also refrain from charging it to 100% of its capacity on a regular basis; instead, charge it to about 80%.

By allowing you to simply set your device down on the wireless charging pad when not in use, a wireless charger greatly improves the convenience of charging. This is ideal for keeping your device charged above 50%.