MSI Company: Which company is MSI?

, Micro-Star International Co., Ltd is a Chinese company that is vested in the manufacturing of quality laptops that can perform high-end processes with ease. are one of the best choices for gaming laptops. They come with the best processors and can last for up to 10 hours after a full charge.

The laptops are durable and really affordable as compared to most of the laptops in the market today.

MSI started when five of Sony's employees decided to start their own company and go into the production of motherboards and other computer accessories.

The brothers were successful in starting the company and were producing some of the best computer motherboards and some ad-on chips for computer systems.

Soon, they saw that their talents can be better tested when they go into the production of a full computer system. They started to manufacture computers soon after and have been one of the known companies to have been successful in manufacturing some of the best gaming laptops available in the market today.

When was MSI founded?

The journey of the five brothers who started the company began in 1984 when they left the Sony company to start their own production company. In 2009, the company successfully introduced their first all-in-one PC (AP1900). That was the beginning of the journey into the production of computers and laptops.

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