How long does AirTag battery last?


How long does AirTag battery last?: As a forefront technology company, Apple upped their game by introducing a well-crafted tracking device known as AirTag. The launch of AirTag added to the numerous abilities of iPhone users. Finding and keeping tabs on one’s items can be easily done as the process has been designed to be …

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How much RAM does the Samsung S22 Ultra have?


How much RAM does the Samsung S22 Ultra have?: The Samsung Galaxy S22-the tech titan’s next flagship mobile is said to arrive in less than four weeks’’s tipped of 120Hz display,ultra-fast chip(possibly with its own cooling fan), and even camera with no fewer than five lenses. WHEN DID S22 COME OUT Pre-orders are said …

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Is Apple Watch Worth Buying?


Is an Apple Watch worth buying?: Apple Watch is a line of smartwatches Produced by Apple Inc. it incorporates fitness tracking, healthy oriented, capabilities and wireless telecommunications with iOS and other Apple products services. Apple offers four different apple watch models but three of the models. Apple watch series 4, Apple Watch Nike+ and Apple …

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Is Samsung A22 waterproof?


Is Samsung A22 waterproof? The Samsung Galaxy A22 is a very capable device has the phone has great qualities that will surprise you. Even though there may be some issues that require attention about this device, it is still one of the best Android phones to have. This phone is made with a Glass front, …

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Are AirTags rechargeable?


Are AirTags rechargeable?: AirTags are minute tracking devices that help individuals to find lost items. It is a user-friendly product which uses Bluetooth connection when finding misplaced belongings. This Apple product proved its efficiency in executing its functions but concerns were raised about the safety of users. Apple responded with safety features to curb stalking. …

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Samsung Smarttag Vs Smarttag Plus; Which Is Best?


Samsung SmartTag vs SmartTag plus, which is the best? Both these devices were released by Samsung Electronics to aid in tracking your lost items with ease. These devices can be attached to your precious items ranging from your keys to your pet. The Samsung Smart tag and the Samsung SmartTag Plus were announced during the …

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Tile vs Airtag price


Tile had been in the market a little longer than the AirTag tracker. Upon the release of the AirTags, the Tile start seems to be deemed with time. iPhone users now consider AirTags as an extension of their iPhone devices and therefore prefer to purchase than the Tile trackers. The Tile trackers work with Bluetooth …

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