Do all iPhones have MagSafe?


Initially, MagSafe was a detachable charging port seen on Apple’s MacBooks. Circular, magnetic coils were included in each iPhone 12 model by Apple, which revamped the technology for the launching of the iPhone 12. Your device will then have continuous battery life thanks to this coil’s ability to latch onto peripherals like Apple’s MagSafe Battery …

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Which iPhones can use eSIM?


All of us are accustomed to SIM cards, the tiny chips with our phone numbers on them that we insert into our smartphones to enable call receiving. However, eSIM technology is swiftly taking over the world, and Apple is helping to pave the way. Apple declared that all US iPhones will only be sold with …

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Which country buys most iPhones?


iPhones has become one of the major mobile phone devices used all over the world. Just during the first quarter of this year 2022, over 56 million units of iPhone devices has been sold worldwide. The iPhone system has showed a great resilience and Apple keeps on upgrading on their software to keep it up …

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Which phone is mostly used in USA?


The phone has so many names which can be called by many people. It can be called a mobile phone, cell phone, cellular phone, headphones if possible, or pocket phone. But Sometimes people called it mobile as short as it can be. People also called it to a phone like that. Phones can be used …

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How Long Will iPhones Be Supported?


Apple is one of the companies that offer the longest support for its smartphone. Apples make it a point to support iPhones, along with any other devices it makes, for a minimum of seven years from the last time it sold that particular model. This means that, so far as your iPhone was still being …

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