Which is better more RAM or SSD?

RAM is being measured from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, etc but it all depends on the kind of computer the laptop of which the user is using. The RAM of 16GB can’t be crushed by any other game or anything.RAM can be bought and replaced RAM is the best memory card for every computer or laptop … Read more

Should I increase RAM or SSD?

There is better and strong RAM which is very good and better when it comes to gaming. In other words, some RAMS are a very good fit for gaming as well. The RAM ranks from 8GB to 16GB, 32, GB, etc. All works well. There is no gaming which is very good and better than … Read more

Does the RAM affect FPS?

RAM is the main chip or the memory card of the computer. That is also the place in which the information of the computer is been saved. The RAM is more like the stomach of the computer. There is no way the history of the computer can be said without RAM. There are many types … Read more

Is 16GB of RAM overkill?

The RAM can be is the main memory card or the chip of the computer. Without that, the computer can’t be fine or be able to store any form of information. The RAM can be the best when only the user handles it well with care. The RAM is the kind that is the part … Read more

Why is RAM faster than SSD?

You can’t mention a computer or a part of a computer and ignore the mention of the RAM. It has become like the born of the computer of today which is the RAM. There were announced as the gods of all chips. RAM has been announced for a very long time and has spent more … Read more

How much RAM is enough?


RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the most essential components of a computer system. It has the ability to store data as the computer processes it. The RAM stores data in binary format, a format that is understandable to the processor. This makes it possible for users to be able to interact with their … Read more