Thrustmaster direct drive price

Sim racing enthusiasts have had a tremendous year, and the introduction of the new direct-drive wheelbase has only made it better. The time for Thrustmaster to enter the direct drive world has finally come after years of waiting.

prefers numbers to catchy names, thus they chose the T818 for the direct-drive wheelbase. A steady 10 Nm of torque will be provided by the Thrustmaster T818 wheelbase.

Although it seems low, that is more than enough for most drivers, including those at the top amateur level.

The T818 also does not filter game data, providing gamers with an unfiltered, in-depth experience that allows for a more immersive simulation than on any other Thrustmaster product.


Wheelbases with direct drives cost money, and even ones with 10 Nm are not considered entry-level equipment. The price of the Thrustmaster direct drive is £599.99/€649.99/$649.99. Given the capability of the wheelbase, this price point is astounding.

Console users won’t be able to use this because it is currently described as being available only on PC. The price is solely for the base; it does not include a wheel rim or pedals.

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