What age is Snapchat appropriate for?

, one of the most well-liked social media applications available, provides young people with what they actually want: an easy way to share ordinary moments while also making them appear cool.

Additionally, Snapchat employs messages that are supposed to vanish, unlike Facebook and Twitter, which record and publish everything you do (read more to find out how they don’t).

Because Snapchat is a bit of a mixed bag, like many other social media apps, it’s a good idea to understand how it operates, how your kids use it, and how much time they spend using it so you can ensure they have positive experiences.

What age is Snapchat appropriate for?

According to Common Sense Media Because of the exposure to improper content and the use of marketing strategies like quizzes that gather data, Snapchat is best for teenagers aged 16 and older.

Do Snapchat messages actually vanish? In some cases. A snap that has a time limit will no longer be available after it has been viewed.

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