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What are the features of IoT?


The popularity and buzz surrounding the internet of things are enormous. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly expanding technology with a constantly and exponentially increasing demand. IoT is a technology that consists of interconnected intelligent devices that play various roles in various industries.

IoT is used in various fields, including healthcare, marketing, business, transportation, home applications, smart cities, smart cars, waste management, asset tracking, environmental monitoring, the energy sector, and education.

It is frequently claimed that the Internet of Things has ushered in the fourth industrial revolution in technology. As businesses begin to invest in IoT, it is becoming clear that IoT is much more than just the interconnection of intelligent devices.

Despite its reality, IoT is still in its infancy, despite widespread interest and application in a variety of fields. There are concerns about the technology (such as safety and security, the complexity of implementing IoT systems, and compliance).

There are some obstacles to overcome, but things are looking up because we are only getting started. The Internet of Things has a long way to go, and the number of connected “intelligent things” will grow exponentially over time.

What are the features of IoT?

Scalability, connectivity, artificial intelligence, security, dynamic nature, endpoint management, integration, analyzing, and device compactness are the ten major features of IoT.