What are the Italian pronouns?

#1: What Are Subject Pronouns In Italian? Io (I) Tu (you) Lui (he) Lei (she) Noi (we) Voi (you (plural)) Loro (they) Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what are the possessive pronouns in Italian? So depending on what is being modified, the possessive pronouns are: Masc. sing.: mio, tuo, suo, nostro, vostro, loro. Fem. sing.: mia, tua, sua, nostra, vostra, loro. Masc. pl.: miei, tuoi, suoi, nostri, vostri, loro. Fem. pl.: mie, tue, sue, nostre, vostre, loro. Secondly, what are the reflexive pronouns in Italian? Reflexive Pronouns in Italian. The reflexive pronouns (i pronomi reflessivi), mi, , si, ci, vi, si, are identical in form to direct object pronouns, except for the third-person form si (which is the same in the singular and in the plural) Also to know is, what is a direct pronoun in Italian? Italian direct object pronouns are: First person singular : mi. Second person singular: ti. Third person singular : lo / la / l' First person plural : ci.Are verbs Italian list? Other -are verbs Parlare. To talk. Prenotare. To book (reserve) Camminare. To walk. Visitare. To visit. Pagare. To pay. Entrare. To enter. Nuotare. To swim. Fumare. To smoke.

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