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What do I need to know for a Sephora interview?


French international retailer Sephora specializes in selling cosmetics and personal care items. It is a sizable employer and has over 3000 brands in addition to a private label.

More than 400 Sephora sites may be found across North America. Sephora is an international chain of cosmetics and personal care shops.

We can categorically refer to them as one of the top companies in the industry given that they generate over $10 billion in annual revenue and employ thousands of people across their stores all over the world.

What do I need to know for a Sephora interview?

The following information is required for a Sephora interview.

  • Asked about sales experience (sales – not cosmetic knowledge or skill – is the top priority). How do you
  • deal with difficult customers/coworkers.
  • Favorite brands.
  • What made me think I was a good candidate.
  • Be familiar with Sephora brands, know how you would apply a product to a customer.
  • Know the product, talk about inclusivity.
  • Be confident, honest and kind.
  • Be prepared to speak to managing conflict and increasing sales.