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What does AET mean in football?

In cup matches after extra time (aet) refers to a result that comes when a game goes into extra time. Many two leg ties see the teams tied, for example after two games the score is 2-2.Click to see full answer. Also asked, what does AET stand for in football? After extra time Furthermore, what does AET mean in education? AET in Education AET Adult Education Training + 1 variant learning, technology, program AET Adult Education & Training program, development AET Academic Enhancement Team development, universities AET Academy of Entertainment Technology + 1 variant college, technology AET Academy of Entertainment and Technology design, college People also ask, what does AET stand for? Australian Eastern Time (time zone) AET. After Extra Time. AET. Aircraft Electronics Technician (National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies)What is the meaning of AAW in football? Awarded Away Win Sports

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