What is better RTX 3060 or GTX 3060?

Excellent performance and specs have long been hallmarks of Nvidia GeForce products. Particularly the 3060 and 3060 Ti, its array of RTX GPUs is among the best available.

Nvidia GPU brother’s GPUs appear similar on the surface; they have the same name, architecture, cooling systems, and dimensions. They do, however, differ in some ways. The and RTX 3060 are competing for the title in this article.

The introduction of Nvidia’s RTX 30 series of cards was a disaster. The top-tier RTX 3080 was initially released in September 2020 However, we had to wait until February 2021 to get our hands on the RTX 3060, the mid-range king.

What is better RTX 3060 or ?

The has a much faster base clock than the RTX 3060. The GTX 3060 has a clock frequency of 1607 MHz, while the RTX 3060 only has a clock frequency of 1320 MHz.

Both of these GPUs have similar boost clocks. The RTX 3060 has a boost clock of 1777 MHz, while the GTX 1080’s is 1733 MHz.

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