What to do when your laptop freezes

The first ever which was announced was that of IBM. The laptop was very powerful and cannot be compared to any other laptop of today. The laptop was having many more features than that of today.

When was announced?

Laptops have been announced for many years age even with that many people are not knowing when it was announced. But it has been announced for many decades, that is the laptops.

The laptops were part of the first even technology which was announced to the world. The was announced in 1981

What to do when your

Your laptop can freeze regardless of the kind of laptop you are using but after all the laptop can be restored to the normal post. When your laptop is off, Just press and hold the power button gently without any action which will and can even destroy it.

After doing that, the laptop will go off, and you put it on again by pressing the power button again. Sometimes after doing that duty which you are using the Laptop will be restored but it all depends.

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