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Which charger is best for Google pixel 6A?


Google has officially removed the charger from the Pixel 6, joining Apple and Samsung in requiring customers to bring their own accessories in order to achieve maximum speed.

It’s certainly inconvenient, but the move may be better for the environment in the long run. Whether you’re reusing an old plug, purchasing a proprietary charger, or shopping for a third-party option, you’ll need to do some research to ensure you get the right charger for your Pixel.

Google’s Pixel 6 supports the USB Power Delivery PPS standard, which is available via USB-C. This is a less common feature of the extended Power Delivery standard that necessitates the use of specific chargers that operate at full speed.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series also uses USB PD PPS, which is supported by an increasing number of first and third-party plugs. However, older Pixel plugs will not be able to fast charge the Pixel 6 model. You’ll need to get a new plug.

Which charger is best for Google pixel 6A?

The official Google Pixel 6A 30W charger is the best option. Although the charging capacity is far greater than the required 18W, it should charge your device quickly.

This Pixel 6A fast charger is made of recycled plastic, allowing it to contribute to environmental sustainability.