Which tool helps you measure the success of your website?

After setting up a website, it is the joy of every website developer or owner to see their websites grow. Growth in the basic sense means, getting the right people to vist your website. If it is a news website, it means having a lot of news lovers coming to read from you.

If it is an affiliate website, it means you'll expect interested people to buy products through your website.

Now, the question is, after writing good articles on your website, and your visitors are coming to the website, what tools are there to help to measure the success of your portal?

Let's take a look at a few tools below that webmasters can use to measure the success of their websites. For the sake of simplicity, I won't elaborate on them. I'll just list the tools.

Here they are:

  • Google Search Console: This will help you understand how your content is getting indexed, which keywords are people using to find your content. The number of people that click on your articles through Google, etc.
  • Google Analytics: It gives an overview of your page views, visitors, visitors' interest, your website performance from time to time, etc.
  • Jetpack: It is a wordpress plugin that can help you track website statistics
  • SEMRush: This is a keyword research tool that gives an overview of the number of keywords you are ranking for. You can also use the version for a lot of things.
  • Similarweb.com: This website ranks websites based on the number of visits. A higher ranking position means you are getting higher traffic and vice-versa.

Above are just a few tools that can help measure the success of your website.

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