Who hacked iPhone 13?

A recent security scandal in November 2021 saw a series of concerns when it comes to the security of some of the world's top companies and their users.

In what seemed like a targeted attempt, a hacker managed to compromise Pro with 15, Windows 10, Google Chrome, Microsoft Exchange,

Ubuntu 10, Adobe PDF among others. The one phone or system that remained hacked-proof is Mi 11.

This came as a shock since all these devices are considered one of the world's safest products. It therefore puts a stain on the reputation of these devices.

Who managed to hack iPhone 13?

The illustrious iPhone 13 among other devices stated about was hacked by Chinese hackers during a legitimate contest which involves hackers trying to hack into crack some of the world's toughest devices.

The contest, known as Tianfu Cup, saw two teams, Team Pangu and Kunlun Lab, who managed to effectively the iPhone 13, much to the surprise of all. Other teams were able to hack Google, windows and Adobe.

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