Why am I being charged for WhatsApp calls?

is one of the most commonly used mediums of communication since its launch about a decade ago. It offers users the opportunity to connect with their friends all over the world. It gives the opportunity to send texts, audio and videos with little or no hurdle.

Why is WhatsApp so widely used?

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media platforms because it works not on iPhones (like iMessage does) but on Android and even your laptops if you have the right connections.

You can, not just text, but video call, and audio call your friends and family from all over the world, regardless of the type of or device that they use.

It also offers security since a person should have to have her registered WhatsApp Number to be able to text or call you. They cannot just search for your username and contact you, like other social media platforms.

Why am I being charged for WhatsApp?

If you have a phone that is well connected to the internet (be it personal data or WiFi) then you should not be seeing extra charges from WhatsApp. However, if you're using roaming data may be due to you leaving the country or general coverage area of your mobile network provider, then expect some pretty hefty charges.

Again, if your mobile data is set to automatically renew when expired or exhausted then you might have some issues as well. But overall, you should not be charged a lot for using WhatsApp.

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