Why are my Shorts not getting views?

Compared to a conventional YouTube video, YouTube Shorts are a great way to showcase your creativity. Short films have a high likelihood of becoming viral and receiving millions of views overnight.

Since it can also occur with regular videos.

Why are my Shorts not getting views?

Your YouTube Shorts’ low view count is frequently attributed to the fact that they fail to attract viewers’ attention. When the material is brief, every moment matters. People who watch Shorts do so because they want quick gratification; if they stop watching in the middle, your engagement rate drops and YouTube stops promoting your Shorts.

The algorithm, according to YouTube, follows the user base. Therefore, YouTube will stop attempting to test your videos if the viewers don’t respond to the Short video that you’re posting.

People’s lack of interest in your 60-second video sends a bad message, which prevents the promotion of your shorts. Your YouTube Shorts may not be receiving any views as a result of this issue.

Also, If your YouTube Short videos are too long, probably, they won’t get any views. You must be mistaken if you think you have to use the entire 60 seconds.

The full 60 seconds don’t have to be used, and if they are, the film will be less engaging because there will be a lot of extra trash. This decreases viewer attention as well. YouTube will therefore advertise your Shorts less frequently.