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Why is RAM faster than SSD?

You can’t mention a computer or a part of a computer and ignore the mention of the RAM. It has become like the born of the computer of today which is the RAM. There were announced as the gods of all chips.

RAM has been announced for a very long time and has spent more than a decade in the system of the world. RAM has been found for about 12 years even though many people are not aware of that because they are not ready to learn about it. The RAM was announced in 2010.

Why is RAM faster than SSD?

There is very and also highly possible that the RAM is very high speed than any of the other chips which it has been in the world. The chips are many but few can be mentioned, which as the SSD and the also RAM which have become popular in any angle of life as well.

The speed of the RAM runs about 2 to 3 times faster than the SSD and it is a fact that nothing can be able to do about it because of its fact. The SSD chip is much slower than the RAM and because of that, the RAM has become more popular and powerful than any other chip and even the SSD itself.