Xbox Party chat not working: How to fix

Talking to your friends and sharing strategies is one of the nicest parts of playing multiplayer games. party chat allows you to chat with your friends in the game while playing games.

is referred to as the most useful feature of the Xbox, this is not deniable. However, there are some issues right now. Sometimes it works properly, but other times, it doesn't.

Xbox Party chat not working: How to fix

Some of these problems can come from the user or Microsoft. Below are some of the solutions:

  • Check the Xbox Status Page

Go to Xbox Status Page to check if Party chat is having any troubles. You can sign up for notifications if there are any issues, and they will alert you when the service has been fixed.

  • Check Your Privacy Settings

It's likely that, your privacy settings restrict you from chatting with other users in a party chat. Make sure the appropriate permissions are set by checking all of the Privacy section's settings.

  • Check Your Microphone

Check the connection between your and microphone. Your voice might not be heard throughout the chat if the connection isn't proper.

  • Check Your NAT Type

The NAT settings should be set to open, if not there will be issues connecting with other players.

  • Reset your console

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