Can hackers hack your phone camera?

Hacking is the unauthorized access control over a computer security system for various reasons spanning from fun to illicit purposes. The people who engage in this act are known as hackers.

As stated earlier, some people hack for the fun of it! That sounds ridiculous, right? Yes! They try to get access to any network for fun. Some also have the intention of checking how robust a network they are trying to hack into looks.

Hackers have different agendas for what they do.  Based on this, they can be categorized into three (3) main groups:

  • White hat hacker
  • Black hat hacker
  • Grey hat hacker

Hacking dates back to the ’70s and was popular in the ’80s. Two movies, Tron and WarGames had lead characters who were poised to hack into computer systems which introduced the concept of hacking the wide populace, thus becoming a security threat.

Can hackers hack your phone camera?

Once your device has been hacked, your device is vulnerable to hackers. But the question is how are you able to notice if your phone camera is hacked?

Here we go…

You’ve got to use the camera and then try the zoom options. If you notice the camera fails to keep up with the zooming activity you are doing, then your phone camera has been hacked.

So. Yes! hackers can hack your phone camera.

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