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Do MagSafe cases damage iPhones?


The MagSafe wireless charging system is one of the new technologies that Apple has introduced to the most recent generation of iPhones. Strong magnets can be used to mount covers and wallets to an iPhone model that is compatible with accessories that has a MagSafe magnet on the backside.

However, a new help page that Apple published on its website details the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the MagSafe method for charging your iPhone. When placed between an iPhone and a MagSafe charger, objects like key fobs, credit cards, passports, and security badges, for instance, risk damaging the magnetic strips on those objects.

The information on your cards can be completely erased by this. Having one of the MagSafe cases makes you safe.

Also, according to the support website that Apple published “If you keep your iPhone in a leather case while charging with your MagSafe Charger, the case might show circular imprints from the contact.”

This is the reason for the development of the MagSafe case. It features a ring of magnets in the center that firmly fastens to other MagSafe accessories, such as Apple’s wireless MagSafe Charger and Wallet.

Do MagSafe cases damage iPhones?

With MagSafe case, the phone’s bottom edge is completely covered, with just a few small openings for the speakers and charging connection. It all has a great, smooth feel to it.

The inside microfiber lining prevents scratches from ever occurring on the rear of your phone. In addition, the front’s borders are raised to provide some protection for the screen in case it falls on its side.