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Do old Roblox messages get deleted?


By sending messages on the Roblox website, users can communicate with one another through messaging. Roblox also employs system messages to let users know when things have changed with their accounts.

Any communications that haven’t already been archived in a list format are kept in the Inbox. Each item contains the sender, the message’s subject line, a preview of the body, and the time it was delivered.

Users will get alerts from Roblox or other users who have written to them. However, unlike the Inbox, which displays messages that the user is receiving, the Sent tab displays messages that a player has sent to other players.

Do old Roblox messages get deleted?

Messages are not erased, therefore you can view any previously archived message here and restore it if necessary. On Roblox 2020, there are a few different ways to erase chat messages.

The simplest method is to choose the message you want to remove from the Messages menu in the app. Another option is to select a message by pressing and holding it before pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.

They can mark messages as read or unread, just like in the Inbox, but they cannot mark all of them as read. Additionally, they cannot archive messages; only send them back to their inbox. Users may choose to archive any communication, even those from Roblox, and then send it back to their inbox.