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Do Roblox bans expire?


An account suspension, more often known as a ban, prevents a user from using the website, mobile apps, or desktop applications. Every Roblox page that is visited after an account has been suspended will take you to the not approved page, where an explanation of the ban is displayed.

Bans can include getting expelled from an activity or having your IP address permanently blocked.

On the basis of international law, Roblox also controls account access. They used to solely moderate accounts in accordance with US federal legislation.

After then, Roblox was prohibited in the United Arab Emirates, probably as a result of their violation of the law. Roblox users can now ask for their online profile to be completely wiped, which involves deleting all of their accounts, to comply with EU privacy laws.

Do Roblox bans expire?

Bans can be light or severe depending on the offence. For varying amounts of time, users may be suspended or banned. Users who violate the Roblox Terms of Use will receive one of these bans.

These can include inexperience-related bans as well as temporary IP bans.