Do Shorts hurt your YouTube channel?

As Alphabet continues to make big adjustments to its function, even the engineers are unsure of how may change in the future. You and the majority of content creators are unable to avoid pondering this ambiguity.

To rival and outperform TikTok, Alphabet created . can be a means for channels and content producers to draw in a new audience who enjoys shorter videos on their cellphones.

Do Shorts hurt your YouTube channel?

Because the videos have no impact on your earnings per mile, cannot financially harm your channel (RPM). YouTube Shorts, however, can have an impact on a channel’s identity and metrics.

YouTube Shorts might damage your channel if this influence is detrimental.

There is no extensive peer-reviewed analytics to investigate a general trend or the potential effects of Shorts on a channel, and YouTube hasn’t released any official data.

As a result, the only information I can use is what channels have self-reported and how various parameters have affected them.

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