Do YouTube Shorts give you views?

With a vertical, mobile-first format player that is optimized for the big screen, YouTube Shorts will soon be available on TVs. On their 2019 and later smart TV models, as well as on newer gaming consoles, viewers will be able to watch brief videos (60 seconds or less).

How to gain more views is one of the greatest problems people run with when using YouTube Shorts.

Many new users question what they should put in their 15–60 second videos and how to make them interesting enough for viewers to watch them with anticipation.

With that said, the sections that follow talk about some best practices and offer a few pointers for growing the number of views on your YouTube Shorts videos.

Do YouTube Shorts give you views?

Yes. The statistics for your channel are updated with the view counts and playback times of YouTube Shorts videos, as was already explained. Your YouTube metrics’ overall performance is thus directly impacted by the number of views your short videos receive.