Do YouTube Shorts make money?

The introduction of has been a huge success for both YouTube and its artists. More than 5 trillion views have been produced by the feature on the website, and YouTube is totally committed to its further development.

For many creators, shorts have been a valuable source of additional views and engagement. However, there has been a considerable misunderstanding regarding how to profit from them.

Brand deals are just one of the many ways to profit from Shorts. The YouTube Partner Program and YouTube’s own Shorts Fund, however, are the two simplest options. Let’s start by looking at ad revenue.

Do YouTube Shorts make money?

YouTube is altering these guidelines. The platform will allow revenue sharing for Shorts advertisements starting on February 1, 2023 As a result, you can now profit from the ads that viewers of the Shorts Feed see.

From the total amount given to creators, YouTube states that “they will keep 45% of the revenue, distributed based on their share of total Shorts views.”

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