Does MagSafe make iPhone hot?

When using to charge wirelessly, not all of the energy produced is sent directly to the battery. The explanation is that the magnetic ring's circle is too tiny to accommodate all the energies produced at once. As soon as charging starts, some of these energies are converted to heat, raising the temperature of your iPhone.

Although there isn't much heat produced when charging wirelessly, it frequently gets worse if you use the phone at the same time. For instance, if you're filming a video or conducting a video call while your iPhone is charging, more heat will be produced than if your iPhone is off and charging.

You can also consider your iPhone to get heated while numerous are running concurrently, especially for an extended time. The additional effort the iOS must perform to keep these apps running adds to the heat you experience when charging.

Does MagSafe make iPhone hot?

The iPhone can become slightly hot when charging it with the MagSafe. The software will, however, restrict the battery's ability to charge above 80% when the iPhone is too hot to prolong the life of the phone's battery.

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