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Does Roblox delete your ID?


Roblox is a platform for online gaming and a tool for game development created by the Roblox Corporation that enables users to create games and play those made by others.

The platform, developed by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 and made public in 2006, offers user-made games of various genres that were Lua-programmed. Roblox was a relatively modest firm and platform for the majority of its existence.

The second half of the 2010s saw the start of Roblox’s rapid expansion, which has been sped further by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Playing Roblox is free, and in-game purchases can be made using virtual money called Robux. Over 164 million people used Roblox every month as of August 2020, including more than half of all American kids under the age of 16.

Although Roblox has largely garnered favourable reviews from critics, it has been under fire for its child-targeted exploitation, microtransactions, and moderation.

Does Roblox delete your ID?

In order to make room on its servers for new players, Roblox deletes dormant accounts. Your account will be deactivated for you if you don’t log in for a year.