How do you set an automatic reminder in Notion?

is an effective tool for information indexing, team collaboration, and individual productivity. may be tailored to your needs whether you're attempting to manage your class notes, keep track of your personal objectives, collaborate on a project with a team, or share information online.

There might be a learning curve with Notion at first, but we've got you prepared with an introduction to the fundamentals of the software and what you can accomplish with it.

How do you set an automatic reminder in Notion?

Anywhere on a Notion page, put @remind and the date and time you want Notion to give you an alert. This will easily set a reminder for yourself. The date will show up in blue on your page after you've set the reminder.

If you wish to modify your reminders or change the timing so that you get a warning before the event, click the date.

Your data can be grey if the reminder isn't configured. By selecting the date and using the menu to set the reminder, you can correct this.

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